Exotic Gem



Exotic Gem

Striking. Alluring. Captivating. Call it what you will, but we prefer to call this enchanting and outstanding performing ball what it truly is, EXOTIC! From its ravishingly good looks to its dominance on those Medium/Heavy oil conditions thanks to the combination of the Defiant LRG Core (our fastest revving asymmetrical core) & MicroTrax Pearl Coverstock (our earliest and most aggressive pearl cover we currently offer on any ball), everyone will take notice when you hypnotize them with the Exotic GEM™.


Originally introduced in the GEM, the Defiant LRG Core has brought style, pizzaz and honor scores to bowlers of every skill set around the globe. Thanks largely in part to the density composition of this core, it sets the standard as the fastest revving, strongest continuing, lowest RG asymmetrical core across our lines. So, if strong and continuous is what you are in the market for, then look no further than this part right here. No matter your style or your number of revs on the ball, this core will get into a roll and keep rolling every single time.


Bottom line, this coverstock technology just flat out crushes in terms of performance. Featuring a 100% nanoparticle load, this pearlized concoction provides midlane traction and response to friction while maintaining its surface profile over a longer period of time to ensure you get maximum performance each and every time. And just like the solid version, the pearl version displaces oil at the highest rate of any of our pearl covers. Basically, think of it as added forgiveness on those not-so-great shots off your hand.

Engineered for Medium/Heavy to Heavy Oil Conditions


Tech Specs

COVERSTOCK: MicroTrax™ Pearl Reactive
CORE: Defiant™ LRG Core
COLOUR: Citrine / Apatite / Amethyst
FINISH: Reacta Gloss™
CONDITION: Medium/Heavy Oil

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