Max Bias



Max Bias

The Max Bias is a new version of the Maximum Results. The Maximum Results was one of the last cores Mo Pinel designed, featuring one of the industry’s highest intermediate differentials. With the addition of the new HK22+ cover, we can move the breakpoint further down the lane, yielding a more dynamic down-lane motion. The Max Bias has Mo’s signature design written all over it. Lots of hook and lots of motion. With the Max Bias core numbers RG 2.494, a total Differential of 0.050, and a strong Intermediate Differential of 0.030 combined with the
HK22+, you have the most hook potential from Radical in several years.


Tech Specs

LEVEL Top Shelf
COLOUR Blue / Aqua
CORE Maximum Results Asymmetric
COVERSTOCK HK22+ Textured Hybrid
COVER TYPE Hybrid Reactive
FINISH 500, 1500 Siaair Micro Pad
WEIGHTS 16-12 lbs.
RG 2.494 (15 lb.)
DIFF 0.050 (15 lb.)
INT DIFF 0.030 (15 lb.)


HK22 features enhanced colour and clarity by engineered nano micellular phase separation technology, dramatically improving the cover’s translucency.



The Max Bias features Brunswick’s innovative outer core technology called DynamiCore. This industry-leading technology is a more durable outer material that yields less compression upon impact increasing hitting power and creating an undeniable difference in sound and pin carry.


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