Turbo 2-n-1 Grips Quad Classic Finger Inserts Half Sizes



Turbo 2-n-1 Grips Quad Classic Finger Inserts Half Sizes

Side 1: Milled Oval with
Smooth Surface only
Side 2: Power Lift 1/4”
Available in 19 sizes & 9 colours.

Perfect Oval
The Perfect Oval is designed as a true milled oval shape. This oval shape is flat through the center and is the most like the shape of your fingertip giving you a very natural and relaxed fit.

Power Regular
The Power Regular has 1/4″ forward pitch increasing the loft and length of release through the target. The finger pad has a flat edge and smooth surface for a sharp clean feel.

A comfortable and properly fitted grip is essential to a good release. In addition to adding to your enjoyment of the game and preventing sport injury. A properly fit grip can add revolutions, create more ball speed and make the ball feel lighter. Adding finger and/or thumb inserts to your equipment will also give you consistent feel when using a variety of different bowling balls. Turbo™ insert products and accessories offers the greatest selection of styles, textures, sizes and colours to ensure you get the fit and feel that’s right for you.

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