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Ultimate Phaze


When you need confidence in the performance of a ball downlane, look no further than the Ultimate Phaze. No stranger to the big stage, the Ultimate Phaze performs at a level that few can match. Combining proven technologies, the Ultimate Phazeis an alchemy of components that will provide nothing but soaring scores.


The TX-16 Solid Reactive is all about traction. It has a seriously wide footprint, and the established chemistry used in the shell creates a more aggressive benchmark-type reaction on heavier oil. The marriage between the core and the cover produces serious power at the pins. It truly lives up to the reputation the Phaze II™ paved the way for. The additive in the TX-16 breed of coverstock responds impeccably well to surface adjustments too. If there ever were a ball to exist that could read your mind, the Ultimate Phaze is it.
The Velocity Core was chosen to drive this ball because of how well it clears the fronts and wants to unleash its power downlane. A symbiotic relationship between core and cover is essential to accelerated performance, and the Ultimate Phaze is just that. Purpose built to effortlessly clear the front half of the lane and unleash its potential without over-reacting, the velocity core harnesses the power of core dynamics to ensure a strong but forgiving motion at the breakpoint. Merging core and cover technologies into the most striking balls on the planet is the driving ethos of Storm: “The Bowler’s Company™

Tech Specs

COVERSTOCK: TX-16™ Solid Reactive

WEIGHT BLOCK: Velocity™ Core

FACTORY FINISH: 3000-grit Abralon®

BALL COLOUR: Pink / Black



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